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Need help? 1866 406-6676 or info@imotocars.com

iMoto Car Services, Incorporated

Welcome to iMoto Car Services, Incorporated

Hours of operation Monday-Friday 9:00am.-5:00p.m. Saturday's 9:00a.m-2:00 p.m. Closed holidays

About Us

Under Construction

iMoto Car Services, Incorporated website is currently under construction. We ask that you visit the Apple Store or Playstore for general information regarding our services. Type imoto partner to become a driver. If you want to become a passenger type imoto rider or call us at 1866 406-6676 ext. 1

All Roads Leads to iMoto!

iMoto Car Services, Incorporated is the only rideshare company that allows passengers to connect with their driver of choice.Through the driver's personal I.D# passengers can book a ride with their driver of choice or make reservation for a later time.

Closing the Deal

iMoto does not charge customers surcharges. Drivers' will receive the customer's base fares. Example: iMoto's base fare is $2. The driver will receive the $2 base fare and his/her percentage agreed by ICS, and any tips received by the customer.  Limited time offer terms and conditions may apply.